Tattoo Lip Techniques

A lip tattoo is a procedure in which colour pigments are inserted into the lips using tiny tattooing needles. It can be done as a form of tattoo art or as a cosmetic procedure known as cosmetic tattooing.

Lip Tattoo

Lip tattoo makeup techniques

Permanent cosmetic lip tattoos are designed to enhance and define the lips, providing a beautiful improvement in shape and colour. This procedure benefits individuals with pale or uneven lip colour, especially mature clients. As lips age, their natural lip line diminishes, and colour fades, resulting in a loss of youthful appearance. Permanent cosmetic lip procedures offer a long-lasting solution to restore lip contour and colour, correct asymmetries, and prevent lipstick from bleeding into vertical lines.

The 'Lip blush' technique creates a natural and uniform look similar to a lip tint. The 'Ombre Lips' technique is suitable for redefining the shape of the lips. Different colours can be chosen for a soft or dramatic effect. Contoured lips can rejuvenate and enhance the face, eliminating the need for traditional cosmetics.

The lip tattoo process involves multiple sessions. Clients are advised to return for a complimentary follow-up session, included in the cost, about 6-12 weeks after the initial session. Upkeep and touch-ups are recommended to maintain the colour and shape over time. The tattoo's longevity varies depending on the client's skin type, lifestyle, and maintenance.

Topical anesthetics are applied before and during a cosmetic lip tattoo procedure to minimize discomfort.

Our products are designed to streamline your daily beauty routine, providing a waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting final look.

Lip neutralization 

Darkening of the lip area can be attributed to various factors such as genetics, hormones, and aging. Some ethnicities may be more susceptible to dark or discoloured lips.

Corrective colours can be used to neutralize melanin-rich lips. Individual clients may need different approaches for the best results. The dark lip neutralization treatment is recommended for lips with brown, blue, or purple hues. Multiple sessions may be necessary depending on the saturation and darkness of the lips. After neutralization, the target colour can be tattooed onto the lips.

Several factors may lead to darkening of the lips.

  • Sun Exposure
  • Smoking/ Chewing tobacco
  • Medical conditions
  • Injury
  • Allergens
  • Treatments and Therapies
  • Pregnancy

Tattoo Lip

The natural lip blush technique creates the most natural-looking result among lip tattoo techniques. It is ideal for adding colour to pale or patchy, sun-damaged lips or enhancing natural lip colour. The pigment is applied to the entire lip area, mimicking the look of soft lipstick or lip tint. The colours can range from subtle to bold and be finished with a touch of gloss for a beautiful look.